Zakk Wylde Book of Shadows II Tour @ The Summit Music Hall 8.31.16

Guitar Axeman Zakk Wylde and his Doom Crew rolled through Denver and it was nothing short of amazing. Classic tracks like "Sold My Soul" and "Between Heaven and Hell" really hit home with longtime fans of 20 plus years.

It's truly amazing to watch Zakk so in control of his instrument combined with his superhuman stamina and lightning fast precision. He is an animal and a true showman.

Zack Wylde    photo: David Burke

Zack Wylde    photo:David Burke

Black Label Society    photo: David Burke

Zakk's axeman Dario Lorina can shred, riff, strum, sing and play the piano like nobody's business. He actually makes it look easy. That just shows you how incredibly talented Dario is. He doesn't compete to take over the show but his presence is deeply noted as he is a huge part of the magic that Black Label Society presents on stage. 

Dario Lorina flawlessly shreds and slides    photo: David Burke

Zakk's longtime friend and bassist JD Deservio is as equally fun to watch as his technical prowess and mastery of his bass combined with his contagious stage presence and antics make for an amazing show.

JD Deservio holding down the low end    photo: David Burke

Not afraid to completely submerge himself with his inthralled audience Zakk jumped into the crowd and made his way to the back of the venue and played for about 15 minutes with all his mind boggling shredding and beautiful harmonies while his band held it down on stage. If you are not inspired after watching him jam in front of you, check your pulse cuz you are not among the living.

Zakk Wylde getting cozy with the gang.    photo:David Burke

BLS plays to a sold out venue    photo: David Burke

Drummer Jeff Fabb and his precise thunder he brings to the stage demands respect as it takes a special rhythm section to not only keep up but also keep the Odinson in our atmosphere. It's easy to see why Zakk chose to have Jeff into the Doom Crew as he is just as friendly as he is unstoppable. 

Jeff Fabb keeping the train on a steady path to crush all those who oppose him.    photo: David Burke

Jeff Fabb receiving some love from Denver    photo: David Burke

Dario Lorina's playing will mesmerize you.    photo: David Burke

Zakk Wylde    photo:David Burke

JD accepting the title of the most blessed hell rider of the afterlife.     photo: David Burke

Much love to Dario!

Dario Lorina showing Denver some love    photo: David Burke

Zakk Wylde and his Doom Crew came for one thing and that was to kick our asses. Not only did he do that but showed us that BLS is stronger than ever as i cannot wait to see what else he and his special group of musicians bring to the realm.

See you at OZZ/Knot fest 2016! \m/

Zakk Wylde playing his Wylde Audio Molasses ODIN Death Claw fiddle that he gives to a lucky fan after the show.    photo:David Burke

Zakk tickling the ivories    photo: David Burke