Megadeth / Amon Amarth / Suicidal Tendencies / Metal Church@1st Bank Center Colorado 10.01.16

Cyborgs, Vikings, Harcore Cycos Old school Church goers took over 1st Bank Center on the first day of October and everyone could not have been happier.

Megadeth    photo: David Burke

Metal Church slamming in CO    photo: David Burke

Metal Church as a long time favorite and part of the early thrash scene came to rock and they did just that. I only wished they could have played longer as they definitely brought it.

Suicidal Tendencies bassist Ra Díaz kung-fu kicking all over the stage!    photo: David Burke

Suicidal Tendencies was truly a fan favorite as their original sounds and live stage performance was extremely contagious and brought the crowd to the next level.

Guitarist Jeff Pogan riffing away    photo: David Burke 

So much energy and emotion watching Cyco Miko was amazing    photo: David Burke 

Seeing and hearing on of metal most influential drummers today Dave Lombardo was special.    photo: David Burke 

Dave was hungry    photo: David Burke

amazing    photo: David Burke

Amon Amarth photo: David Burke

Amon Amarth came with the super griffin' grooves and thunder "Raise your Horns" really stuck with me. They hold the flag for heavy metal and viking worldwide. It's easy to see why they will continue to relevant in the metal realm. 

We will drink to glory tonight!    Photo: David Burke

The Way of the Vikings    photo: David Burke

built for battle    photo: David Burke

This is how we battle    photo: David Burke

You!    photo: David Burke

Symphony of Deth with David Ellefson    photo: David Burke

Closing the evening came headliner Megadeth and they delivered. Fan favorites Like She-Wolf and Tornado of Souls was just what the thrash heads needed.

Dave's beautiful Dystopia fiddle    photo: David Burke

Megadeth's Kiko Loureiro is beyond word when watching him perform     photo: David Burke

Dave up front and his amazing Tech Fred Kowalo in the background keeping everything in tune    photo: David Burke

Dave Ellefson    photo: David Burke

Dave Mustaine    photo: David Burke

Special thanks to Fred Kowalo and Ed Sandoval  for letting Joseph Sanchez and I have a great time with Deth!!  photo: Vanessa Mendoza