Hallowed Screams / Fist Fight / Ndaaz / Something For Tomorrow @ Black Sky Brewery Denver CO

Beer. Pizza. Metal. As it states over the front door of their establishment, Black Sky Brewery was the welcoming haven for lovers of all three. Delicious craft beers flowed, some of the best pizza around was slung and some of Denver’s heaviest bands rocked the crowd.

Hallowed Screams    photo: David Burke

As this was a benefit show for a fellow Denver musician that needed help, there was a great show of support on this night.

Something for Tomorrow    photo: David Burke

Something for Tomorrow    photo: David Burke

Something For Tomorrow    photo: David Burke

Something for Tomorrow    photo: David Burke

Something for Tomorrow came out rocking with their hard progressive sound and got the audience in shape for the evening. I enjoyed hearing influences of tool in their sound as this was my first time watching them perform. Strong vocals and tight musicianship, a really solid set.

Another first for me watching them perform came Ndaaz. With a sound that has a tribal meets grind core sound, these guys were not afraid to put everything out on the line as I could feel their passion for their music blast through the brewery. And everyone took notice as this band is not one to be ignored.

Ndaaz vocalist Deno Apodaca    photo: David Burke

Ndaaz    photo: David Burke

Ndaaz    photo: David Burke

Next up came crowd favorites Fist Fight. Fist Fight are currently working on a new batch of songs and came out from their recording sessions to perform four new tracks. These went over punishingly well. 

Fist Fight    photo: David Burke

Both guitarists John Maggard and Nick Rich came out on point as their crushing riffs and searing leads had everyone in attention. Lead Vocalist Dustin Hollmer took the helm and orchestrated the group and crowd into a sonic frenzy. Holding it down on the low end with growling vocals came Adrian Montoya who showed us that his bass sound and passion for playing could not be ignored. 

Fist Fight guitarist Nick Rich    photo: David Burke

Fist Fight guitarist John Maggard    photo: David Burke

Fist Fight vocalist Dustin Hollmer    photo: David Burke

Drummer Chris Day’s thunderously tight drums laid waste to anyone that was not fortunate enough to have brought ear protection.

Fist Fight drummer Chris Day    photo: David Burke

Fist Fight bassist Adrian Montoya

Fist Fight's John Maggard    photo: David Burke

Fist Fight    photo: David Burke

Through out the their set the crowd was ravenous and continued to chant “Fist Fight! Fist Fight!”

Fist Fight    photo: David Burke

Fist Fight's Dustin Hollmer    photo: David Burke

Fist Fight's John Maggard    photo: David Burke

This also grabbed the attention of Black Sky Brewery as later that evening they announced that they would craft a beer after their band name. I’m sure this brew will knock you on your ass.

Hallowed Screams    photo: David Burke

Headliners Hallowed Screams the SLAYER tribute band closed the evening. As I was told that there are just a small handful of SLAYER tribute groups in the states, with good reason as they are punishingly difficult to cover, Hallowed Screams is clearly at the top of the list. 

Hallowed Screams    photo: David Burke

Hallowed Screams

Hallowed Screams guitarist Steve Addison    photo: David Burke

Before the set started frontman/bassist Eloy Romero requested that the audience have a moment of silence and gratitude for the actual SLAYER front mans Tom Araya’s mother who had recently passed away. Much respect.

Hallowed Screams guitarist Chris Bartsch    photo: David Burke

Hallowed Screams with Joseph Sanchez helping on vocals    photo: David Burke

Chris Bartsch and Sanity's Edge Benjamin Franklin    photo: David Burke

Hallowed Screams Eloy Romero    photo: David Burke

Lionel White    photo: David Burke

We all went straight South of Heaven from there and never looked back. Eloy’s heavy bass sound and spot on vocals set the tone. Guitarists Chris Bartsch and Steve Addison’s guitar attack decimated the audience as there was no wonder if these two could play their heroes parts. They even have the unmistakeable look of the thrash titans.

Hallowed Screams    photo: David Burke

Hallowed Screams guitarist Chris Bartsch    photo: David Burke

Hallowed Screams drummer Lionel White    photo: David Burke

Drummer Lionel White had the daunting duty of playing counterpart Dave Lombardo’s drum parts and this guy did not disappoint. Although he was a ball of sweat halfway through the set understandably,  his percussive skills kept the SLAYER ship on course to destroy and they did just that. My neck is still whiplashed.

photo: David Burke

Lionel White     photo: David Burke

Steve Addison    photo: David Burke

Metal On The Move crew    photo: David Burke

Beer Designer Matt    photo: David Burke

Elizabeth and Adrian    photo: David Burke

Hallowed Screams dumber Lionel White    photo: David Burke

A huge thank you for delicious craft beer and pizza accompanied by the awesome Black Sky Brewery staff. The brutal music has me anticipating the next time either any of these bands play again. When the next show at this brewery happens again  I will be there.