Exodus / The Flight of Sleipnir / Legion of Death / Gomorrah @ The Gothic Theatre

Monday night was a lesson in San Francisco Bay Area thrash. And we got schooled. There was a great feel of anticipation from the crowd as we made our way into the hallowed Gothic Theatre. To know that an integral part of our metal history was actually performing and sharing their gifts on stage was something to be excited about.

Opening the show were three of Colorado’s own metal/hardcore/thrash bands.

Gomorrah    photo: David Burke

Gomorrah, a young band from Arvada, Colorado, their sound was young and full of piss and vinegar. This three piece was not afraid to engage the crowd and speak how they felt. No bullshit just coming to thrash and kick ass. They were loud and energetic even if the guitar sound was a little too washed out of the mix. It can be challenging when you are the first band up, but these guys played like they were the headliner and accomplished their mission.

Legion Of Death    photo: David Burke


Next up was another Arvada, Colorado based metal/hardcore band Legion of Death. Their punchy sound and low end vocals were firmly rooted in death metal. Fast songs about DUI and the Authority were well received. Lead singer Len “Lenzig” Leal engaged the crowd as they all left everything on the stage.

The Flight Of Sleipnir    photo: David Burke

The Flight of Sleipnir followed supporting their recent release “V” on Napalm Records.

This Doom Metal group had some very tight and articulate drums and thrashy, head banging rhythms.


Exodus' Gary Holt   photo: David Burke

Main Headliner and Thrash Metal pioneers Exodus took the stage with all guns blazing. They blasted out classic and new tracks including "Bonded by Blood," "A Lesson in Violence," and "Strike of the Beast.” Reunited with lead singer Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza, Exodus approached with a very in your face take no prisoners attitude.

Exodus' lead singer Steve Souza    photo: David Burke 

Exodus' Bassist Jack Gibson, guitarist Lee Altus, guitarist Gary Holt    photo: David Burke

Guitarist and main song writer Gary Holt who has been performing double duty for the past few years for both Slayer and Exodus showed no signs of wear as his lightning fast speed and accuracy were intense. His guitar riffs cut through the theatre and demanded attention. 


Exodus    photo: David Burke

Accompanied by long-time bassist Jack Gibson’s thundering bass laid the groundwork. Guitarist, Lee Altus who was once recommended for the position back in the eighties for thrash titans Megadeth, riffed on harmony on stage.  Tom Hunting’s blindly fast and punishing drums completed the groups extremely aggressive and pleasing sound.

Exodus' Lee Altus    photo: David Burke

You could easily see why these veterans of thrash loved what they were doing as they all smiled while we were destroying ourselves in the pit. My bruises  don't lie, Exodus had come.

Gary Holt having a blast    photo:David Burke


  1. Black 13
  2. Blood In, Blood Out
  3. And Then There Were None
  4. Scar Spangled Banner
  5.  Children of a Worthless God
  6. Piranha
  7. Fabulous Disaster
  8. Iconoclasm
  9. A Lesson In Violence
  10. Blacklist
  11. Bonded By Blood
  12. War Is My Shepherd
  13.  The Toxic Waltz
  14. Strike Of The Beast

All images from this show can viewed in the "On Stage" link.