Fist Fight • Ecks Saloon • Lakewood CO

Friday night’s alright for fighting. Fist Fight performed at Ecks Saloon in Lakewood Colorado and they definitely came to fight. As part of a birthday bash for a close friend of the band, the guys played a crushingly tight set. 

Fist Fight's Adrian Montoya    photo: David Burke

Fist Fight's Nick Rich    photo: David Burke

Fist Fight's Dustin Hollmer    photo: David Burke


This was also a release party for their latest video for the track “Break Something” which features JD DeServio of Black Label Society & Ahrue Luster of Ill Nino

Fist Fight's Jon Maggard

Fist Fight's Chris Day    photo: David Burke

Head banging and thrashing was in abundance as the group rocked for over an hour. Tight guitar riffs, deep bass lines, extremely percussive drum beats and tear-your-head-off vocals made for a great night for metal as Fist Fight held the flag high.

All images from this show can viewed in the "On Stage" link.