Down / Orange Goblin / King Parrot / The Summit Music Hall / Denver CO

Legendary. Supergroup. Down. Here at The Summit Music Hall in Denver CO, there was a great  feeling of brotherhood and appreciation, not just for the fans but for the bands alike. I have been anticipating this show for a while now as I was hoping to see them on tour with Black Label Society last June but their schedule had them just miss Denver.

Opening up was King Parrot, a band all the way from Melbourne Australia that formed in 2010. I was unfamiliar with their music but quickly got into their groove. Very thrashy. 

King Parrot lead singer "Youngy" readily surfs the early forming crowd     photo: David Burke

King Parrot's "Youngy" getting the crowd ready to thrash him in the pit.    photo: David Burke

Only three bands performed tonight and that was fine for me as I was in the front row all night and a Down crowd can get pretty fired up and that means A LOT of bruises and sore muscles.

King Parrot    photo; David Burke

Lead singer Matt “Youngy” Young was extremely energetic and engaging as he jumped onto the early arriving crowd during their first song. In-between songs they talked with the crowd and had somewhat of a comedic banter between them. Young later jumped into the pit and had everyone run towards him and mosh the crap out of him! This was a great band to get us ready for a loud night.

Next up came Orange Goblin a group from London England. Although I hadn’t heard of them, they have been around since 1995. Their sound is stoner/doom with a touch of punk.

Orange Goblin Lead singer Ben Ward    photo: David Burke

Lead singer Ben Ward was very enthusiastic and captivating as he kept the crowds energy going. Lots of soaring Wah Pedal and heavy riffs. It was very easy to see why Down had chosen these two bands to tour with them.

Orange Goblin    photo: David Burke

Orange Goblin    photo: David Burke

Headliner Down collectively hailing from New Orleans has been around since the early 90’s with members from other amazing bands such as Eyehategod, Corrosion Of Conformity, Crowbar and Pantera.

Down's Philip Anselmo    photo: David Burke

Down bassist Pat Bruders    photo: David Burke

These wizened men play and thrash like they were in their 20’s and you could easily see the brotherhood between each other as they played to and off each other with hugs, laughs and off mic banter.

Down bassist Pat Bruders with drummer Jimmy Bower and guitarist Pepper Keenan    photo: David Burke 

Much of the set came from their 1995 debut album Nola. Live, it sounded better than the recordings.

Down    photo: David Burke

Lead singer Philip Anselmo made a point of toasting his fallen friend and ex-bandmate at the first opportunity, dedicating “Lifer” to “Our brother,Dimebag Darrell.”  

Down bassist Pat Bruders    photo: David Burke

Everyone stomped and thrashed around the entire stage to songs like “Hail The Leaf”, “Lysergik Funeral Procession” and “Temptation’s Wings”. We even got a cover of David Essex’s “Rock On”.

Bobby Landgraf and Pepper Keenean    photo

Down    photo: David Burke 

Down bringing the venue in the same direction.    photo: David Burke

Down’s encore songs included “Stone The Crow” and “Bury Me In Smoke”. These last two songs are where I received most of my bruises, as it was chaos unleashed 

Philip Anselmo oversees all.    photo: David Burke


The evening ended with all members from all the earlier performing bands seamlessly taking over Down’s instruments and continue riffing as Down and everyone else sang and partied on stage for another five minutes.

Members of Down, Orange Goblin and King Parrot unite for an epic final jam    photo: David Burke 

It was a great end to an amazing show.

Down setlist

  1. Lysergik Funeral Procession

  2. Lifer

  3. Hail The Leaf

  4. We knew him well

  5. Witchtripper

  6. Hogshead/Dogshead

  7. There's Something On My Side

  8. Rehab 

  9. Pillars of Eternity

  10. Conjure

  11. Rock On (David Essex Cover)

  12. Temtation's Wings

  13. Stone The Crow 

  14. Bury Me In Smoke

All images from this show can viewed in the "On Stage" link.