Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals • The Summit Music Hall • Denver CO

Phil Anselmo  photo: David Burke

Nothing but respect for Phil Anselmo and his dedication to just get more extreme with age. For a guy who fronted one of metal's most commercially successful bands, he sure isn't trying to break back into the mainstream.

 Lead singer Phi Anselmo  lphoto: David Burke

With his no bullshit attitude and sincere demeanor the crowd new that they were going to see a Metal Icon give us his all. And he did. They launched into Music Media is My Whore and went straight into Battalion of Zero, both from the new album Walk Through Exists Only. They continued to play the first five songs in the same order as they were tracked. These songs are loud, in your face and aggressive. For the majority of the night Philip played at the very edge of the stage standing as close as possible to the fans. Song after song, his expressions and body language were angry, fierce, and determined.

 Phil Anselmo photo: David Burke

Highlights were his bands’ rendition of Pantera’s Death Rattle from the 2000 Album Reinventing The Steel, and Vulgar Display of Power’s A New Level and Domination/Hollow. We all sang (screamed) along.

Phil Anselmo  photo: David Burke

He thanked us for still supporting heavy music and also thanked a couple of random fans up front who donated a couple of recreational cigarettes as he lit up one of them while his guitarist Marzi Montazeri performed a scorching guitar solo. Phil later hopped on drum while his drummer Joe Gonzalez took lead vocals and the sang a cover of Cheech & Chong’s EaracheMy Eye. Truly a special night as myself and my kind of metal heads enjoyed a great night.

guitarist Marzi Montazeri  photo: David Burke

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