David P Burke

Creator, photographer, writer & adventurist

Live music. Art. Photography. Outdoors. These are just a few things that motivate me to explore our great state of Colorado. In 2000, the majestic mountains and their snow covered playgrounds are what drew me to the rockies. The people, culture and quality of life are what make Denver my home. As a photographer, graphic designer, computer tech, artist, musician, ski enthusiast, husband, dad and friend, there isn't much that I will not explore.

Live music, photography and the way it moves myself and others are what draws me to both sides of the stage. So join me as I bring my exciting experiences and photography into your home. And if you see this curly black mane thrashing around, please do say hello even if it's with an elbow down in the mosh where I play, and know that you are in the right spot for one helluva time.


\m/ammoth \m/etal